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Adorable Mi-ki Puppies for sale in Pennsylvania!

Raising Mi-ki’s is not just a hobby. It’s a passion! Each puppy is hand-delivered by me right on my own bed. From the minute they are born, the puppies are cuddled and loved by my family. They are raised in our home and socialized with everyone who comes to visit, from neighbors, family, and friends, to the mailman.

We watch as each puppy’s personality emerges and know their likes and dislikes. When it’s time to go to their forever homes, they leave a piece of their hearts with us.

We do not simply sell puppies. Each customer is only that until they adopt a puppy. It is at that time that they become a permanent part of our family. If you would like to talk with any of them, please contact us and we will gladly put you in touch for personal references. No matter how many times we watch the miracle of a new Miki entering the world, it simply never gets old. Each one is special and unique and, most of all, LOVED!